Using the final scholarship

Everyone knows that if you plan on winning the game of basketball, you’ve got to go in at full strength. Without a full roster, you might be shallow in the depth chart when the season is on the line. Injuries can be even more devastating to a team. So the idea is that if you have 13 scholarships, you fill them up as soon as possible with as strong a group of players as you can and go into the season at full strength.

Here’s the thing, though. In the past few years, something has changed about college basketball. There’s an epidemic of players transferring, and not all of them transfer at the end of the season.

This past December, Green Bay was able to pick up Marquette transfer Sandy Cohen III. Was Green Bay his first choice? Perhaps. But if Cohen’s first choice for a destination didn’t have a scholarship open, that put Green Bay in a much better light. Not all players can afford to pay tuition and fees, even for a semester, in addition to housing and food that would come with walking on to a D-I basketball team.

So here’s an idea: instead of spending our last scholarship on another player that may take years to develop, let’s pocket that scholarship and wait for someone to become available.

That is, unless there is an impact player that we can get right now. That would be fine by me. But there’s something to be said about flexibility, and since we’re not likely to compete for the regular season conference championship until 2018-19, this might be a good idea for us to consider.


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