Coach Pootz Postgame Breakdown – DePaul

Hooray for everything prior to the moment Cain played like Cain and the game was over. Wish Coach Val had manned up Barnes on him once he started heating up.
Despite all the pick and roll action. I don’t remember more than a handful of instances this season where we successfully hit the roll man.
Transition defense is still an issue and this game displayed real issues with  transition offense.. Converting those turnovers into points is necessary for the young Panthers to keep in games.
So Saddler has to be redshirting now, right? Too bad, but makes some sense. Have to wait a whole year to see the beautiful locks in action.
Still no press or 1-3-1.
Cameras failed to show Amanda Braun at the game.
Pretty embarrassing day for the broadcast team. For those of you not watching on FS1, the score and clock was frozen from 17:45 to around 13:00 in the first half. The first half remedy was to take images of the official clock and paste them in the graphic.
Panther Player Ranking Board
1. Barnes – Haas’ early foul led to a wonderful showcase of talent. I was hoping that we’d see Barnes move to the top of the list by the end of the season. Wow was that an impressive game. Lock down defense with quick hands, great drives, and ability to find shooters. This is someone we can dream on.
2. Wichmann – He’s still gotta be the main option on offense. We live and die by his 3’s and Sunday  they weren’t falling.
3. Stull – I think I like Stull as part of our best 5 lineup, but I can’t tell if he needs to work more as leader of the second team and insert Harvey in his spot?
4. Johnson – Really like him as a compliment to Barnes in the backcourt. I was pretty angry at him for passing up an open 3 in the first half only to take (and miss) a jumper a step and a half closer. Get the possible extra point! Get used to that 3pt line because you’re going to get open looks.
5. Nze – Definitely only a post at this stage, but there is some growth to be had with his shot blocking. With smaller Horizon League opponents, I expect more in this area. Really hoping Nze jumps to the top 3 on this board before end of season.
6. Haas – DePaul shooters didn’t even care that he was in front of them. More troubling was the location of his passes. Many times (like 10?) he’d get it to an open shooter, but the ball would be delivered to their feet or above their head. There’s not a huge margin of error without size and speed. That said, he did not deserve that phantom 2nd half foul call at the end of the shot clock. Not even close to contact.
7. Harvey – Similar notes from last week. Just not getting the ball. Shot looks good.
8. Prahl, B – With this roster, we can’t afford foul trouble.
9. Bell
10. Rongstad
11. Studer
I’ll miss you this weekend Panthers. 🙁
Someone needs to alert ESPN about the quality/importance of the Sanford Pentagon Showcase…

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