Ask Pootz #1

We’re trying a new feature from a member of the crowd. A fan, if you will. Send your questions to if you would like your questions answered in future Pootz Posts



Good day everyone. Happy to join you and respond to your weekly queries. 

Before we get to the queries from readers, lets kick this off right with some player Twitter creeping.

Was this tweet sponsored? How is anyone’s choice Papa John’s? This is acceptable under only 2 circumstances 1) it was free AND 2) there is no 2. Was the $5 movie The Lizzie Mcguire Movie? Cody is no longer allowed to call plays.

Wendy R. asks: Hey Pootz! Hoping you choose to answer this. Which player wears the best shoes?

Really? We’re gonna start this exercise with a question like this? C’mon. This is a basketball blog. Sorry Wendy. No answer for you! Come back one week! 


Kevin Z. asks: In your opinion which player has the best hair?

Excellent question Kevin. Fortunately the team site pics are pretty close to current hairstyles so my expert analysis can be buttressed by some snazzy pics. Unfortunately no one on the squad is sporting anything near Tiby-esque locks. I’m hoping that by season’s end, we’ll get some Bryce and Nze are pretty similar in follicle features. I think Nze’s is a bit better, but it’s very close. 









Our leader in the clubhouse:








It’s been hiding on the bench! What do you call that thing?

Haven’t seen it in the wild yet, but I bet with a bit of sweat it’s fabulous.

UPDATE: It appears there was a debate on whether to cut it?!?!?

No sir!

Jermaine K. asks: Dear Pootz, which Sandburg Tower is best?

North tower all day.

Steve B. asks: Would you rather?


Would I rather what? Is this like mannequinning or planking, but instead you have to read news like Dan Rather? If so, yes. I would Rather.

Calvin R. asks: What is best case scenario for this Panther season?

In terms of outcome, something like 7th or 8th place and a conference tournament win?

The bigger hope is that multiple underclassmen grow and show promise for the next few years.

See you next week. 

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