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Hope everyone had a relaxing and fun summer vacation – or, you know, at least got to go outside and enjoy some summer weather when you’re not at work. We’ve been awfully silent here at PantherU, and that’s by design – The last thing I wanted to do was drag out this negative BS over regime change over the summer when war weariness was really starting to kick up. So let’s go over what you may have missed.

If you like musicians that sing their own names to begin the song, you’re gonna love Jason DeRulo. One of Los Angeles’ robots created to sing pop songs, DeRulo will be the headliner for PantherFest 2016. That’s a week from Friday.

The piece of news you probably have heard of is that the Wisconsin Badgers will no longer play the Panthers (or Green Bay Phoenix for that matter) on the road. New head coach Greg Gard’s policy moving forward is that the Badgers will only play this game at home.

I was going to briefly touch on it here, but regular readers of PantherU know that know that being brief isn’t my forte: here’s a full-length post I wrote Thursday night.

The rest of the schedule is looking pretty pedestrian, but that should be expected in year one of a difficult transition. Milwaukee has a couple of one-off games with Memphis and DePaul, and the Horizon League-organized home-and-home with Belmont begins this season.

I really, really hope that Loyola and Ohio aren’t buy games. I wouldn’t put it past our fearless leader to cash a couple checks to help pay for two coaching staffs and in return irrevocably damage our program’s reputation by saying we’re not above playing guarantee games at MAC and MVC schools.

Speaking of our fearless leader, I’ve got $100 for the “Panther Excellence Fund” if she posts a picture to social media with her and TJ Otzelberger shaking hands and grinning for the camera when the Panthers play South Dakota State in November. I kind of want to go see that.

Remodeling at Panther Arena continues. The Milwaukee Admirals have been the best at posting pictures of the building as it undergoes massive changes, so you can see the latest pictures here on their Facebook page.

If you like dumb press releases, you’ll love this one. As part of the university’s partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (I assume), the athletic department posted this press release on Tuesday to get people to wear school colors today. The main image for the article told people to head to to show their school spirit, which would be nice if we could show our school spirit.

College Colors Day!

Well that’s unfortunate.

So maybe you can’t show your Panther pride – well, maybe not your Milwaukee Panther pride. But hey, I made it work.


True Colors Run Deep, indeed. #PantherProud!

Of course, you can show your #PantherPride (is it Pride or Proud?) for Pitt if you like, since they’re also the Panthers.

Speaking of Pitt, their new assistant ticket operations manager is Eric Becker, the latest staff member of Milwaukee Athletics to leave under Amanda Braun’s tenure.

Braun took over in May 2013. Leaving out coaches and trainers, Braun’s staff still has six of twenty-two staff members that were at Milwaukee Athletics in 2013. Chris Zills and Tim Prahl in sports information, Jill Jurena (now Compliance & Enrollment Services Coordinator), camp director Dave Clark, and Associate AD’s Jenny Gryniewicz and Kathy Litzau round out the staff members who were there May 1st, 2013 and remain on staff today.

Turnover is part of the game, whether you’re talking about sports or business. Retaining 27% of the staff isn’t turnover, it’s decimation. Actually it’s not – decimation removes one out of ten. This is more like a purge.

Well, in any case, most of these offices are being manned. Becker’s departure, however, has not brought a replacement to fill the void. His last day was August 9th, and one can only surmise that Braun had advance notice of that happening. Even if she didn’t, the Panthers have now been missing a ticket director for nearly a month, and they still don’t have someone hired to sell tickets for a basketball season that begins almost two months to the day from now.

Yeah, having a ticket director isn’t really important right now. Perhaps Bill Behrns, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations, would like to spend the next couple months selling season tickets. I could definitely see Bill Behrns, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations, spending September and October cold-calling season ticket holders to get renewals. There’s definitely nothing else on the plate of Bill Behrns, Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations. He doesn’t have anywhere else to be over the next couple months.

As for PantherU, we’re going to really kick into gear for the season come October. We’ll have a full season preview before the season starts. In the meantime, expect occasional blog posts, with the frequency getting higher as we get close to the season.

For now, join the PantherU forums and get yourself some new Black and Gold gear. Hang on, I’ve got just the shirt for you! Available in a bunch of colors and sizes (yeah, even my size!), you can pick up your own BrewU t-shirt. It’s the first of what we hope will be a PantherU store stacked with Black and Gold-specific items for you to show your school pride.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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