Fan speaks truth to Horizon League in survey

Sometimes it can be downright frustrating to be a fan of the Horizon League. Whether it’s the basketball conference that could be so much better without annual RPI anchors Youngstown State, or the ridiculous notion that a permanent site in Detroit is a good idea and doesn’t favor any specific team, the conference never fails to disappoint. It can be hard for people to be able to enumerate all the screw-ups that the Horizon League has done, but fear not – one Panther fan has you covered.

The Horizon League is administering a fan survey to help future decision-making, which is just asking for trouble. Fortunately for the conference, these answers are anonymous and private, so no one has to see what all the responses are saying about the conference that can’t wait to spoil a good thing. Unfortunately, if a fan decides to share their answers with the world, they’re more than welcome to do that.

Enter “SRT4Driver,” a Panther fan who sold his SRT4 years ago and probably could change his screen name. An Army veteran, we’ve thanked him for his service before. Today, we thank him for recent truth-talking to the conference office. He shared a couple of his answers to the survey, and they’re so damn good I can’t help but share.

When asked “If you were speaking with someone unfamiliar with the Horizon League, how would you describe it in one phrase,” SRT4Driver did away with concision and laid it out there:

Without fail, the Horizon League’s leadership is great at “fixing” what isn’t broken, which makes it harder to be a fan, and constantly moves them further and further away from their once stated goal of being a Top 10 college basketball conference (throwing away decades of name and brand recognition changing from MCC to HL; refusing to institute or enforce firm MBB scheduling guidelines like the MVC, A-10, and other quality mid-major leagues; giving us a terrible ESPN TV deal and doing away with HLN; taking the perfect conference tournament format for students/fans/alumni and instead going to a tried and failed format which they already knew students/fans/alumni would despise – so they simply didn’t seek any input from them – all for the convenience of a few and to get a quick payday). I could go on.

He did go on. Here were his suggestions to the conference office when prompted:

Please stop doing everything you’ve been doing, and take a moment to learn from history. Please stop thinking you’re so much smarter than any and every die hard, knowledgable fan who posts on a fan forum or message board, simply because they are posting their thoughts and ideas on a fan internet forum. Because based on the backsliding this league has done in relation to it’s peer NCAA conferences, you’re obviously not any smarter than Joe Blow. Otherwise member schools would not be willing to jump ship at the first opportunity to a conference like the Missouri Valley. And let’s not kid ourselves, every league member would have, just as Loyola did. Why is that? Because most other conferences have leadership which operates with foresight, and makes decisions based on history and empirical evidence to improve their conference (like a MBB scheduling guideline/mandate), instead of shortsighted reasons (ahem all of your reasons for moving the conf tournament to a neutral site). I won’t even get into the incompetence and possible corruption and greed that factored into making that conf tourney deal and signing it for 5 years without even a trial run. It’s no wonder this conference is considered a stepping stone by even its least competitive and least well-off members.

So thank you SRT4Driver, for defending both our country and the Horizon League’s poor fans.

If you’d like to take the survey, you can do it yourself here.

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