Heading into the last week

Bill Potter over at the Horizon League has removed all doubt; if you’d like to know what the tiebreaker scenarios are, here you go.

Yesterday, he confirmed the Panthers would figure into tiebreaker scenarios. Milwaukee currently sits in 5th place, 1.5 games ahead of Detroit in the standings. Milwaukee can finish no worse than a tie for fifth. Winning either game solidifies the Panthers as the sole 5th place team.

It’s all about record for the Panthers. They have guaranteed at least the same conference finish as last season, and with a victory at Wright State or Youngstown State, they’ll be at least .500. Milwaukee could theoretically finish 9-7 in the conference, which would be an astonishingly good finish all things considered. Potter’s breakdown here:





Steve McWhorter won Conference Player of the Week after topping CSU. It was a fitting finish at home for General McWhorter, who has some fans scraping a face off the Panthers’ point guard Mount Rushmore to make way for the leader.

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