The Curious Case of Tavares Sledge

Thursday, about one year after an arrest for child endangerment and other misdemeanors, senior forward Tavares Sledge has been released from Wright State’s basketball team with no comment in odd fashion.

Sledge, who was part of the slim front line for the Raiders in their Horizon League Tournament runner-up finish last season, was released with the standard “broken team rules” line from the university. What’s peculiar is that they added that they will “have no further comment” at the end.

Is Wright State under the delusion that they will just sweep whatever Tavares Sledge did under the rug and it will be business as usual?

Remember, this is a player who spent 19 days in jail last fall and not only was reinstated, but immediately after the fall semester was over. The argument could be made that Wright State’s road to hosting the conference title game would not have happened had Sledge been left off the team. He bolstered an already slim front line that needed every advantage it could get, averaging¬†2.6 ppg and 3.4 rpg in 12 minutes if action per game on the floor.

Wright State has not admitted it made a mistake in reinstating Sledge, who apparently burned his last bridges at the university by “breaking team rules.” Something tells me he didn’t oversleep and miss practice.


It’s a bad week for Wright State, who had to suffer bad publicity when J.T. Yoho was arrested for drunk driving. But this is much worse. The entire decision-making administration in the AD failed here, from Billy Donlon to AD Bob Grant. They gave a kid who was dragged in on domestic violence charges a second chance, and he repaid them with such a bad response that the felt the need to wipe him from the history books.

Let’s stay tuned to see if Wright State decides to own up to its mistakes.

UPDATE: Wright State’s athletic department has put Sledge back on past rosters where he had been taken off. I made the mistake of not getting screenshots, so we’re retracting anything in reference to this from the original story.

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