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Don’t worry, PantherU isn’t gone. I’m merely moving the blog to a self-hosted site which will make it easier for me to keep you updated on everything going on with Milwaukee Athletics.

Unfortunately, my planned move coincided with the announcement for moving to the Cell, so I wasn’t able to bring you anything on that quite yet.

This is a work in progress and though I hope to have everything here finished by Wednesday, the truth is I’ve got a lot on my plate – work, wedding plans, house work, working on the house itself, etc. – that may push the deadline a bit further.

You know I’ve got something to say on the move downtown, and fear not, it will come. I just need to do a little house cleaning first!

The site is, I’d say, about 20% done. I still need to add in all the pages, update categories, widgets, the scoreboard (you can’t see it yet), and a bunch of other things.

Just know this: PantherU will be reborn on the other side of this in a big way. We’ve got another project rolling out August 1st that I think you’re going to like as well; stay tuned.

Meanwhile, head over to; the brand-new Booster Club is looking to get started, and we’ve already got a great event coming on July 24th – check it out!

The future looks bright for both Milwaukee and PantherU.

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