Vote for Milwaukee-Detroit!


A few weeks ago, fans of Milwaukee, Green Bay, Youngstown State and Cleveland State had the opportunity to vote for their programs to get a nationally televised game on ESPNU.

Despite our best efforts to get people to vote, the Green Bay at Cleveland State game ended up on national TV, while the Milwaukee at Youngstown State game ended up on

Why is that?  Milwaukee has the highest attendance of the four schools, and YSU has a big football following that would be willing to at least vote on facebook.

The truth is, the Panthers and Penguins lost the vote last time because the folks at Green Bay and Cleveland State were more proactive.  The Sports Information Departments at both schools pushed readers of their website and followers on Twitter and Facebook to vote for their game, and thus the smaller fan bases won an ESPNU game that wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the Milwaukee/YSU game.

Now, we have another opportunity.  Milwaukee plays Detroit on Friday, February 10th. That same night, Wright State hosts Green Bay.  ESPN is putting it up to a vote again.  Guess who is promoting it?  Wright State.  Despite the Raiders putting on the full court press in promoting the game, Milwaukee-Detroit is currently winning.  Then again, Milwaukee-YSU was winning until late in the voting process, so we need to make sure that the Panthers get on National TV this time around.

Send this to all your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  VOTE NOW!


  1. Foot Soldier

    January 26, 2012 at 12:26 am

    Where do we vote?

  2. Foot Soldier

    January 26, 2012 at 12:29 am

    Ah- NVM- found it! Vote now- EVERYONE!!! We need some ESPN exposure this season* (that alone ALWAYS boosts our student attendance (look ma! I’m on TV!) by at least 1,000 (oftentimes a lot more than that).

    *if we do lose this ESPN election though… (we can’t!)… we can always be on ESPN if we can shake the Ohio trip and bust tail tfrom here on out to make the HLT Final (and I think the Semis are on ESPN2, right?).

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