Panoske to redshirt; updates on Williams, Meier, Lonnie Boga

Panoske to redshirt: Post-game Saturday afternoon, J.J. Panoske confirmed to PantherU that he will be redshirting this season.

“After talking to coach Jeter, I decided to take a redshirt this season to work on improving my game,” Panoske said afterwards.  The 6’10” forward/center will sit out the 2011-12 season, leaving him eligible from the 2012-13 season through the 2015-16 season.

Redshirts technically are not assigned until after the season, so Panoske could have the redshirt taken off at any time.  It is not likely, however, and would take a catastrophic loss of players to injury for coach Jeter to consider removing the redshirt.

The plan for Panoske is for him to gain twenty pounds, get stronger, quicker, and anchor the practice squad for the season.  Last year, Evan Richard took a redshirt and maintained freshman eligibility for next season.

Panoske joins Austin Arians in the 2012 newcomer class.  Shaquille Boga did not redshirt, as he opened the season by playing ten minutes.

Williams suspension is one game: Milwaukee senior Kaylon Williams served a one-game suspension during the SMSU game and will be back Monday for the game against Northern Illinois.

Meier to begin jogging, light workouts soon: Tony Meier updated PantherU on his status after the game. “In the next couple weeks I’ll begin light workouts and jogging to get back up to game speed.”  Meier likely will be out for all of November as he recovers from the calf injury suffered during practice last month.


Boga to return soon: I caught up with Lonnie Boga, whose shoulder is still healing.  Boga will return to action in a couple weeks.  We definitely could use the help of someone who is strong with the ball and is great on help defense.

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