Eye on the numbers

One thing I want is for PantherU to be different from the other news sources Milwaukee fans have used.  There’s more to a basketball game than the box score; while you can garner a lot of useful information from the box score, there is a lot more to see if you just look further in.

For instance, we can see that the Panthers had a pretty awful game from the line, going 13-for-25 and shooting just 52%.  But the fact that the Panthers got to the line 25 times was a very good thing, and was a big reason they won.  This number, when you divide it by the amount of field goal shots taken in the game, is known as your free throw rate.  It’s the percentage of free throw shots taken over all field goals, and it was a much higher clip for Milwaukee than it was for Northern Illinois.

The Huskies’ free throw shooting rate was just 33.3%, and they lost the game.  This doesn’t mean it is a major part of the game, but what it tells us is that Milwaukee was doing a much better job of making its shot attempts count; that is, not only were the Panthers taking shots from the field, but they were getting fouled on more of the shot attempts.

This number is a bit out of whack, as the Huskies did foul the Panthers significantly towards the end of the game.  But the truth was that Milwaukee shot a significant amount of free throws, and most of the game that came from drawing unintentional fouls.

It is one of the Four Factors and is a big part of why teams win ball games.  To read more about the Four Factors of basketball, read here.

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