Holman out indefinitely

In a disappointing turn of events for a team picked to win the Horizon League by several news outlets, the Detroit Titans have lost center Eli Holman from the team indefinitely after the senior post allegedly broke a fellow student’s nose at a fraternity house on the University of Detroit Mercy campus.

While the Detroit Athletic department kept things cloudy in their official account of Holman’s leave of absence from the team, the Varsity News was far more telling.  Excellent student journalism by the Editor-in-Chief Michael Martinez brings to light the truth, that Holman not only broke a kid’s nose, but laid waste to a few of them for having the audacity to ask him not to hang on a pipe in the frat house basement.

While in America we have this whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing, Detroit AD Keri Gaither’s quotes in the Martinez VN story were a whole lot more damning of the young Holman.  “It’s hard from a competitive standpoint,” Gaither said to the Varsity News. “You’re unsure of what will happen, ultimately, competitively, but at our university there are certain standards.”

Standards that Holman has broken before, stemming from swinging an arm at a UIC player’s groin last season and the infamous flower pot toss that originally endeared him to everyone who despises Tom Crean.

Should Detroit be left without their dominant big man, LaMarcus Lowe is a serviceable backup but nowhere near the talent that Holman is.  While Lowe only played 12 less minutes per game, he scored about a third of what Holman did and about a third of the rebounds.

Make no mistake, this is a HUGE blow to the Detroit bid to win the conference, but he may not be out for the season.

In the last incident in the conference like this, Torre Johnson punched his then-girlfriend and tried to hide in a closet, prompting Milwaukee coach Rob Jeter to dismiss him from the team immediately.  We’ll see if Eli Holman is dismissed from the team – they’ve already shown more leniency than Jeter did with Johnson – but my guess is that he’ll get a slap on the wrist and be back sometime during the season.

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