Neely gone from UIC

Neely will have 1 1/2 of eligibility left.

Junior guard Zavion Neely, the UIC Flames hot shot scorer a year ago, spent the end of this season on the bench academically ineligible and will be transferring at the end of the semester.

Neely broke the news himself on Twitter today.  The tweet came in at 3:36 central time, and this is what he said:

“#REALIZATION in 2 weeks i no longer attend UIC”

The guard scored 12.2 points per game as a sophomore, but scaled back this season to 8.3 ppg despite boosting his assists per game average and playing more minutes.

Neely gave Twitter user @OhEmmeG a reason for his departure:

” me + a new coach = disaster = me transferring”

Obviously there was friction between the embattled Neely and new head coach Howard Moore.  Moore did show support for Neely by putting the ball in his hands more often and playing him more often in games.  But Neely did himself no favors by falling out eligibility academically.

Neely committed to retired head coach Jimmy Collins in August 2007.  The point guard from Chicago did also say on Twitter that he doesn’t plan on staying in the state of Illinois:

“Haven’t made a decision just yet…but it’s out of state though for sure.”

There goes the idea that Neely could follow former associate head coach Tracy Dildy to Chicago State, which would be the smart guess.  Now, professing his wish to go out of state, who knows where Neely will land.

It’s too bad that Neely didn’t survive the coaching change.  He’s a good basketball player and hopefully he lands on his feet.  PantherU wishes him the best in his future.


  1. MrGuest

    April 26, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    Coach Coward Moore is running off a lot of Jimmy’s players.

    • Jimmy Lemke

      July 5, 2011 at 9:25 am

      He may be running off a lot of Jimmy’s players, but look at JC’s record in his final years, both academic and on the court.

      Jimmy Collins was a great coach for UIC for nine years. The problem is he was there for 14. I’ve seen your posts on the UIC fan board and you haven’t brought much more than name-calling to the table, so forgive us if we don’t take you seriously.

      The other thing that irks me is this: have you ever met Howard Moore? Where do you get off calling him a coward? I’d define a coward as someone who takes to the internet to call someone a name, yet doesn’t put their own name on anything they say.

      You’re a big talker, but you bring no value and YOU are the coward.

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