Tony Meier Injury Report

Tony Meier will be good to go on Wednesday against Northwestern.

It surfaced on the D-Board this afternoon, something no Panther fan wants to hear – Tony Meier is wearing a boot and using crutches to walk on campus.

Not exactly welcome news with Northwestern just two days away, but the news is good.

When I asked someone in the know what the deal was with the boot and crutches, the answer was this:

It’s a sprain, but the boot and crutches are more of a precaution.  Meier should be good for Wednesday night.

That should be good to hear.  I know Tony, and I wouldn’t think a sprained ankle would keep him out of the NIT.  It doesn’t even seem like that much of a sprain, seeing as the boot and crutches are a precaution.  They’ll help keep the ankle from swelling, which will speed up the healing process.

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