Milwaukee Panthers Travel Guide

Since directions are pretty simple (go to Chicago and head north on I-94, or follow the U.S. Cellular Arena directions here), I’m going to give several sports bars, along with hotels for people who will be spending the weekend in Milwaukee.  Also included will be some points of interest for those of you who want something else to do while in beautiful Brew City.

Sports Bars

There’s no rankings here, completely unordered.

Major Goolsby’s (4th and Kilbourn).  The Major is the official post-game hangout for Milwaukee fans.  After games, the post-game show takes place in the sound booth while fans fill the tables in the establishment just across the street from the Cell.  Jimmy recommends: Major Wings, medium, ranch.

Miller Time Pub (5th and Wisconsin). Miller Time Pub is located just two blocks south of the arena and used to be the official post-game hang out.  They have free popcorn going and are located inside the Hilton, for those of you who will be staying at the fine hotel for the weekend.  Jimmy recommends: Brew City Burger, really made awesome by the pretzel bun.

Center Court (4th, north of State). This sports bar, opposite the Bradley Center, is one block north of the Cell.  It’s the venue for the pre-game party of UWM Alumni on Saturday, but they’ve got plenty of room for fans of other schools. Jimmy recommends: Milwaukee Burger.  Don’t overthink it, it’s a burger topped with a brat, double the meat with kraut and brown mustard on top.  Awesome awesome burger that they replicate across the street and call the Bradley Burger.

Calderone Pub – Located just half a block east on State Street, the Calderone Pub looks like a hole in the wall, but they have really good food.  It’s a quieter place pre-game, so if you want food without all the hassle, the Calderone Pub is a great place for it. Jimmy recommends: Spinach and Artichoke Dip is some of the best in town.  Awesome.


Hyatt Regency Hotel – The Hyatt is the closest hotel to the Cell, kitty corner from the arena.  Rates: $111.20 for doubles or one king if you pre-pay.

Hilton City Center – The Hilton City Center has Miller Time Pub in the first floor and is two blocks from the arena, separated by the Frontier Airlines convention center.  Rates: $124 king, $109 two doubles.

InterContinental Hotel – Just east of the river, the InterContinental is the second-closest hotel.  It also has a waaay better website and the views are great. Rates: $119 for either king or doubles.

Best Western Inn Towne Hotel – The mid-level hotel chain has a very nice hotel in downtown Milwaukee.  Not quite as nice as the above three, but the $99 for a queen room is nice.  Rates: $109 king, $99 queen, $109 doubles.

Hampton Milwaukee – Like the Best Western, it’s cheaper than the others.  It is also three blocks from the arena, and close to Grand Avenue Mall, if you like shopping in Milwaukee’s 5th-best mall.  Rates: $104 king, $99 queen, $109 doubles.

Aloft Hotel – Milwaukee’s newest downtown hotel offers a cheaper alternative to the others in the arena neighborhood.  It is three blocks north of the arena, right at the edge of downtown.  Rates: $87.20 king or two queens.

Places of Interest

Milwaukee Art Museum – Santiago Calatrava designed the addition, a very recognizable bird-looking thing called the Quadracci Pavilion, so named after donor and founder of Milwaukee-based Quadgraphics owner Harry Quadracci.  The Art Museum currently has an exhibit on Wisconsin native, the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  (UWM’s architecture program is world-renowned)

Milwaukee Public Museum – Home to all sorts of history, the Public Museum has been the destination of about 15 field trips per student who grew up in Milwaukee.  The Museum has an IMAX Dome Theater, and begins showing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 on Friday.

The Bronze Fonz – Most Milwaukeeans think it’s ridiculous.  Some think it’s a great nod to our history.  But no matter what we think of it, when you come to town, you’ve got to stop by it.  Henry Winkler’s turn as Arthur Fonzarelli in Happy Days, based in Milwaukee (many of the characters were UWM students in the show’s story, led to the building of a statue in the character’s honor.  You may want to visit this last, because it’s like jumping the shark – there’s not a whole lot like it.

Check out the Bronze Fonz, and get your picture taken with him.

Even though March is a slow time in Milwaukee, the City of Festivals still has a lot going on.

Water Street, just two blocks east of the arena (across the Milwaukee River), is a great place for the young and old to get their party on.  There are over a dozen bars within three blocks of each other along Water Street, from chains like Brothers and Bar Louie to Milwaukee locals like Trinity and McGillicutty’s (Yes, I realize there are other bars with those names).  Old World Third Street is one block east of the arena and has a lot of great bars as well.  A lot of Irish and German bars to reflect the population in Milwaukee.

Come to think of it, good lord this city has a lot of bars.

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