Time to bust the Bracketbuster

With only one victory in the Bracketbuster history despite being one of only a handful of teams to play in it every year, the Milwaukee Panthers have plenty of reasons to not play in it anymore.  For one, with no at-large bids in the school’s history, we have nothing to show for playing in the Bracketbuster.

Anthony Hill will have to take on Aaron Pogue hobbled after injuring his ankle Saturday night.

In fact, an NIT berth in 2003-04 may have been an NCAA berth had the Panthers not dropped a home game near the end of the season against Manhattan in, you guessed it, the Bracketbuster.  Well, if not an NCAA berth, at least a higher seed in the NIT.

But tonight’s game proved something much, much more important.

When you are in the thick of the conference championship race, you run the risk of losing key players, or at least tiring them out and not being ready for the next game that really matters.

Hence, Anthony Hill’s ankle injury tonight.

Ryan Allen sat out the game Saturday, recovering from the Rock Bottom he received from Brandon Wood on Wednesday.

Now, we’re going into the Cleveland State game with Ryan Allen’s hip injured, Kaylon Williams battling a shoulder injury, and Anthony Hill hobbled with an ankle sprain.

Had the Bracketbuster not taken place for Milwaukee, we’d have been in practice and rest this weekend, with the team spending an entire week drilling into their heads the ways to stop Norris Cole and Aaron Pogue.

And now Anthony Hill has less time to figure out Aaron Pogue, and how to do it on one leg.  Awesome.

The Panthers are 2-3 in games following the Bracketbuster under coach Rob Jeter.

Let’s hope, like 2003-04, the Bracketbuster is followed by a victory over Cleveland State.

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