Panthers still looking for partners in 11-12

Assistant coach Brian Bidlingmyer is still trying to put together the schedule for the Milwaukee Panthers 2011-12 season.   Bid is looking for multiple home and homes with teams and have a lot of dates open on the schedule for both road and home games.

The ad that went up in Basketball Travelers:

“UW-Milwaukee is looking for multiple H/H games for the 2011-2012 season. Need a few to start at H and a few to start on the R. We would also entertain the idea of a triangle or H/H in the same year. Many dates are available.”

Personally, I like the touch of referring to us as UW-Milwaukee; it lets the opponent know that they’re scheduling a weak hyphen team hahaha.

Coach Bid gets excited knowing he'll be the head of scheduling at Milwaukee in about 10 years.

The ad says multiple things to us.  First, it says that our schedule isn’t close to being done.  This is understandable, since we’re still in the middle of the season and series are rarely inked in the middle of a current season.  Second, it says that the coaching staff is open to playing a home and home in the same season, which would kill two games.  The problem I have is that teams likely to agree with that are low-majors such as Houston Baptist and Texas Pan American, who just finished in-season home and homes with Horizon League teams (HBU vs. Green Bay in 2009-10, UTPA vs. Loyola this year).  Bid does say that they would “entertain the idea,” which is code for “you better be worthy to commit two games to next season.”  I’d be psyched for an in-season home and home with St. Louis or Southern Illinois.

They would also be interested in playing a triangle, which is where two teams visit another school and each team plays two games.  For instance, Milwaukee and Green Bay could play at the Kohl Center against Wisconsin, and then they would play each other in a third game.

Most schools do not finish their schedule until the summer recruiting period, when they can meet other coaches face to face at AAU tournaments.

Now, there are only six games we are sure of that are possible, but even two of them might not happen.

  1. Wisconsin (home)
  2. Western Michigan (away)
  3. Buffalo (home, almost guaranteed in 2012-13 instead)
  4. Marquette (“away”)
  5. Northern Iowa (away)
  6. Bracket Buster (home)

With the crappy scheduling of this year’s Bracket Buster – Buffalo is far, their RPI is way below ours, we’re not on TV or the internet, and it’s between two huge games – it is possible that the Panthers will withdraw and use the extra game to schedule regionally and when we’re not in the thick of a damn conference championship race.

The word is in Buffalo that they will not be able to return the game to Milwaukee in 2011-12 and instead will do so in 2012-13, which is what we would have done with Niagara if it weren’t for our Former Fearless Leader.

Looking around the Basketball Travelers board, I’d be interested in a few of these teams.


Yeah, I'll take a road trip with the team to FIU.

For one, Florida International would be a great place for a road game in December.  Get down to beautiful Miami to play a mid-major, then have them return the game in 2012-13.

On a side note, one thing has occurred to me looking through this board.  A lot of teams are offering rooms for their opponents who come to town (to help defray costs).  Could we, by chance, get better opponents to come to Milwaukee if we offered them hotel rooms at the Kenilworth Building?

For those of you who are not familiar, the Kenilworth Building is student housing at the corner of Kenilworth and Farwell, and by far the coolest option.  It has Toppers and a Fitness center on the ground floor (along with a gallery for the Peck School of the Arts), is right in the middle of UWM’s great North Ave. neighborhood, and would be perfect.

Why would we be able to use student housing, you ask?  Well, the university actually uses it as a hotel for visiting guests of the university.  I don’t know the amount of available rooms on any given night, but I do know the university would be able to put this together if they had the open rooms.

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