Milwaukee on the All-Horizon League

Milwaukee Panthers head coach Rob Jeter was Horizon League Coach of the Year, and Anthony Hill made First Team All-Conference for the 2010-11 season, the Horizon League announced today.


Kaylon Williams led the league in assists, was top ten in rebounding (as a guard!) and scored nearly 10 points per game. But that's not good enough for 1st or 2nd team?

Kaylon Williams was also on the All-Newcomer Team.

But I’ve got a beef.  Or rather, two.

My first?  Why was Kaylon Williams left off the top two teams?  The voters in this conference put too much emphasis on points, so Williams’ 8.2 ppg (37th in the Horizon League) isn’t good enough to warrant a First or Second Team selection.  This is a player who led the Horizon League in assists and is TOP TEN in rebounding despite the fact that he is a point guard!

Williams makes this team, the Horizon League Champions, better.  Along with Ryan Allen, he makes this team better, even without Ricky Franklin and James Eayrs.

Don’t get me wrong, the players on these teams are deserving.  But I’d still put Kaylon Williams on top of Rahmon Fletcher, N’Gai Evans, and Ray McCallum Jr.  Of course, that also means I would have him as Newcomer of the Year over McCallum.

Why?  For all McCallum scores, and still is almost as good in the assists column, he doesn’t make his team better.  Detroit underperformed this season, according to the preseason aspirations.  Milwaukee wildly overachieved, picked 5th and winning the conference championship.  It would not have been possible without Kaylon Williams being the coach on the floor.

Thursday, with Milwaukee needing a victory and Norris Cole on a roll, the Panthers got three huge defensive stops from Ryan Allen.  Like the rest of the season, Allen covered the best opposing guard each team had to offer.  He’d shut down Norris Cole, Brandon Wood (until Wood took him out), and several opposing best scorers.


This was a block. Allen had a lot of those.

Yet Allen was left off the All-Defensive team, which awarded two questionable defenders in Matt Howard and Trevon Harmon.  For one, Norris Cole defends the best guard, not Harmon for CSU.  Matt Howard is a good player, but I’ve seen him get his ass kicked too many times by Anthony Hill to believe he’s deserving.


If I had my choice, I would replace both Harmon and Howard with Ryan Allen and Damian Eargle of Youngstown State.  Eargle was for defensive numbers what Norris Cole was for offensive numbers, yet he’s on the outside looking in for Defensive POTY.

There’s no need for another reason, in my opinion, for the Horizon League to adopt a three-team format for it’s postseason awards.

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