Matt Graves takes the first shot

Like the two biggest bullies on the playground, Milwaukee and Butler are eying each other from across the swing set.  Each of them is quiet, and doesn’t mention the other one in conversation.  But they’re on the mind.

It was with 14 seconds left and Butler putting the game away, when Shelvin Mack took the time afforded by free throws to run to the scorer’s table.  “Who won at Milwaukee?  Who won at Milwaukee?” fans reported him frantically trying to find out before play resumed.

Butler Blue II will be in Brew City for the Horizon League Tournament. (Photo credit to IndyStar)

Butler had the game in hand, it was over, and even though he’d only have to wait 14 more seconds, Mack couldn’t wait.  He had to know.  What is the other bully doing?

Well, the other bully was having a painstakingly hard time putting away Youngstown State.  The missed shots at the end of regulation are a sign of how close we were to yet another tournament in Hinkle, but then again I can point out that had Boyle or Meier hit a three that they missed, the game could have gone the other way – as in comfortable Milwaukee victory in regulation.

But it was after the game was over, in the middle of the Senior Day festivities, when Matt Graves, filling in for head coach Brad Stevens (we hope he’s all right), proudly declared:

“We’re gunning for Milwaukee.  We’re coming there to getcha.”

"We're gunning for Milwaukee. We're coming there to getcha." (Photo credit to IndyStar)

In case you weren’t there – who am I kidding, we were all celebrating – here is a video.  I think you should watch the whole thing, because Butler’s seniors deserve that respect, but if you want to hear coach Graves, fast forward to 4:40.

Don’t worry, coach Graves.  When you come knocking, we’ll be home.

Welcome to Milwaukee

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