Joke’s on the Gasthaus

The other day, in my “Destiny is in our hands” post, I included a poll as to where Panther fans should gather to watch the Milwaukee at Cleveland State game.

I included an option that would not work at all.  Why, you ask?  Well, because the Gasthaus, in their infinite wisdom, does not have Time Warner Cable, and thus does not have Time Warner Sports Channel 32, the channel that the basketball game will be on tomorrow.

Yup, that’s right, the on-campus SPORTS BAR will not be able to show the biggest game of the year, as they have been unable to show any games of any kind involving the Milwaukee Panthers since they moved to TW32 three years ago.  Unless of course the game is on the ESPN family of networks or the Big Ten Network.  Yep, they made sure they had the Big Ten Network so the UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MILWAUKEE community can watch the Wisconsin Badgers, but not the home team.

Is it just me, or is it high time the Gasthaus got with the damn program?

I understand why the Gasthaus wants to have DirecTV.  The ability to show the NFL Network is a huge boon for students who want to watch the Thursday night football games.  Of course, the only time NFL Network is needed is during that time, which happens to run concurrently with the Gasthaus Entertainment Series, so students who want to watch the games will have to deal with an event going on as they’re watching the game, on the NFL Network, the only reason the Gasthaus has DirecTV.  Oops.  I get the pull of NFL Sunday Ticket as well, but Time Warner Cable has everything DirecTV has sports-wise except for the NFL Network.

The Time Warner Sports channel, to which the Milwaukee Panthers moved in 2008, puts on more than just men’s basketball games.   They put on men’s and women’s soccer, women’s basketball, volleyball, and baseball.  Basically, if it’s a television sport, TWS has the Panthers on.  Add in the dozens of times these games are re-run, and you’ll notice that nearly every single day, the Milwaukee Panthers are on Time Warner Sports for some time.

Don’t forget the other bonus, which is weekly coaches shows for both Rob Jeter and Sandy Botham that are recorded during the season.  This puts a ton of UWM-centric programming on one Time Warner Cable channel, that is completely unavailable on DirecTV.

So, what is it then?  Perhaps the Gasthaus believe that TWC is not worth it, considering the lack of a fan base for basketball games.

Obviously, this argument is bullshit.  The Gasthaus raked in the money when the university was in dance for the selection show, NCAA Tournament games, and every single ESPN showing.  All they’d need to do is advertise the games and they’d pull in enough food and drink sold to cover each month’s expenses from one game.

But suppose it is true.  Obviously the Brewers and Packers are more popular on campus, which is fine for the time being. But what’s that? The Time Warner Sports channel has programming that covers the Brewers, Packers and Bucks every day?!?!?! Yeah, that’s right.

So perhaps TWC doesn’t broadcast games in high definition yet.  They’ve set up the HD channel and will be doing so hopefully in the near future, but Panther fans need a place to watch their games, and the Gasthaus, the sports bar on the UWM campus, doesn’t accommodate.

The athletic department pulled the weekly coaches’ radio shows from airing in the Gasthaus because the sports bar did not show games.  That was every Monday night and pulled in about 30 people each time.  If only a dozen bought food, the Gasthaus makes money.  Hell, if one person eats, that’s money the Gasthaus would otherwise not make because that person is attending the radio show.

Opening up the Gasthaus to the UWM fan base is the smart thing to do for money.  Even though it is a small fan base, if word gets around that games can be seen, will be on multiple big screens and the volume will be on, then people will show up, eat food, and enjoy the game.  Hell, people in the Gasthaus just for food may come back and attend the next game’s showing because of the atmosphere they found last time.

Some people have argued that the Gasthaus is not actually a sports bar, but a restaurant for the UWM community that shows some sports.  That’s the biggest crock of alligator feces I’ve ever heard.  If it’s just a restaurant, then why are there seven big screen TVs in the place…so people can watch BET without sound in the lunch hour?  No, it’s because the Gasthaus is a SPORTS BAR.  Don’t believe it? This was lifted off their Facebook page:

Located in the lower level of the Student Union, the Gasthaus offers a wide variety of food and drinks to enjoy. Relax in our laid back atmosphere and cheer on your favorite sports teams on one of our seven large projection TVs.

So maybe the sports fan crowd doesn’t exactly promote a “laid back atmosphere” – but they promote watching sports games, they’ve advertised sporting events in the UWM Post, and they accept sports fans.

Sorry, Gasthaus, get your head out of your ass.

Look for PantherU’s recap of coach Jeter’s appearance on ESPN 540, happening right now.

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