At Destiny’s door

I sat down at my computer at 9:30, still riding a high from tonight’s game.  The plan was to get out a quick post, head to sleep early so I get time to sleep before work.

At 2 am, I’m just getting to the blog.  It’s not that I couldn’t write or that I was struck by writer’s block.  It’s that I have been inundated with calls, texts, facebook messages, facebook chats, facebook wall posts, tweets, twits, e-mails and everything in between.

Through all the crap I’ve had to wade through tonight, I’ve figured out one simple fact: it’s popular to be a Panther fan again.

I love life at the top.

Norris Cole gave them everything he could, but he was a little bit cold and a little bit overwhelmed by the Panthers quick strike.  After the score was 10-9, it was almost a blink of an eye before the score became 21-11.  It topped out at 19 points before the Vikings fought their way back into it.

But this wasn’t the Milwaukee team of December 4th.  We’re not a bend-to-your-will type of team anymore, we’re the will-benders.  And the Last Will-benders of the Horizon League this season, if all goes according to plan (the script is coming).

Ever since the team meeting back in January, they have overcome adversity as a group.  It definitely came tonight, in the form of Anthony Hill and Tony Meier in foul trouble, then Ant fouling out with six minutes to go.  Ja’Rob McCallum sank a couple free throws after Aaron Pogue took out a frustration swing in his face – completely intentional and the CSU Athletic Department employee running the Twitter account should have had more tact than accuse McCallum of faking it.

The Panthers took the crowd out of it early, but they found themselves as CSU kept inching closer and closer.

The missed free throws were agonizing, but the Panthers made enough – just enough – to win the game and set the stage for Saturday.

And all that stands between the Milwaukee Panthers and a Horizon League Championship is Youngstown State.

Don’t let up now.  We haven’t won anything yet.

WAR MILWAUKEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Tony Meier, he picked the perfect time to do his best Larry Bird impersonation.

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