Deonte Roberts is back…sort of

Following the game today at Wright State, we had a short discussion with Deonte Roberts about his return to the bench for the Panthers.

As is now widely known, Roberts was removed from the team last season for academic issues.  He was not allowed to take part in any team activities for the rest of the year and is paying his own way as a student this year.

Roberts was the last basketball player to appear on the cover of EA Sports' NCAA Basketball series (wink wink).

Friday night, Roberts returned to the bench, sitting with transfer James Haarsma and medical redshirt Quinton Gustavson.

The word from Roberts is that he is not a member of the team yet because he still needs to continue his upward trend in the classroom.  His fall semester was satisfying enough for coach Jeter to allow him back on the team.  He has 1 1/2 years of eligibility left, and will spend the rest of this semester as a regular student while he tries to get his grades right.

Should he find his way back on the roster, Deonte will likely spend the 2011-12 season as a walk-on, depending on how the recruiting goes for Milwaukee in the early signing period, as they have two roster spots left to fill.

Tone Boyle and Jerard Ajami are on their way out as graduating seniors this semester, while Shaquille Boga is on his way in and Evan Richard is coming off a redshirt.  Roberts could push for time on the court next year.  If he doesn’t win the time, he’ll at least be a great scout team player and push the incumbent guards to get better.

Best of luck to Deonte in getting his grades up.  We’re rooting for you.

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