Notes from Saturday’s game

– Norris Cole is the early favorite for POTY, and CSU is a very good team that I would not be surprised to see at the top of the standings in March.

– If you want to take a positive out of the game, look at the offensive rebounds: 18. Holy crap.

– They shot 65% to our 30%. Sure you can say they were hot and we were cold, but I’m under the belief that we didn’t contest nearly as many shots as we could have, and we couldn’t get open. Which leads me to this:

– Quickness. CSU has buttloads of it, we don’t have enough. They were able to get around screens and put up shots with ease, and our shooters (Ja’Rob and Tone especially) couldn’t shake them.

– Anthony Hill had early misfortune in playing in the post against Aaron Pogue, and abandoned the post for most of the game from there on out.

– The players quit. Nobody came out and said it, but nobody had to. You could see it on the faces of our players. They got in a big hole and gave up. If they didn’t, and in fact were giving their best effort, they certainly didn’t show it.

– I saw a CSU team that was excited to be there from opening tip, playing hard and communicating the whole time.  Milwaukee was quiet on the bench, quiet in the huddle, quiet on offense, quiet on defense.  The energy was lacking in the crowd, but sooner or later the team can’t rely on the paid customers.  They’ve to provide their own energy, and last night there was none.

– If the team was looking ahead to Wisconsin, then that is a failure in coaching.  This was an undefeated conference rival that spent the week talking about “Revenge” for the Panthers knocking them out of the Horizon League Tournament last season.  All the motivation the team should need is right there.

– In the past, we’ve heard that the team plays to peak at the end of February and into March.  If that’s the case, then you’re basically telling the players that games in November and December are irrelevant, and they don’t have to get up.

– We thought, coming into this conference season, that Youngstown State had turned a corner.  A fifteen point loss at Green Bay puts that into question.  Maybe we just beat another 2-16 conference team.

– In the many conversations I’ve had with fans since the end of the game, the same theme showed up: consistently inconsistent.  The Panthers have been wildly unpredictable this season.  Last night, I thought we’d lose a close game at home, but we were blown out immediately and never had a chance.

The real problem is that while they never had a chance, it was their own doing.  They abandoned the post, played lackluster defense and weren’t in it.

Final exams are in two weeks, but if the Panthers had taken one Saturday night on the court, the grade was a resounding F.


  1. Rob

    December 5, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    Don’t be bitter about the results of last night’s game. During a long season you go through bumps in the road. Unfortunately it happened during the best promotional give away night possibly in the teams history. ( Thanks to the Nicholas Family ) Maybe next year we could have a Rob Jeter bobble head.

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