A great first step

Just six days after I suggested we open up the all-students e-mail reflector as part of our marketing effort to fill the student section at basketball games, interim chancellor Mike Lovell sent an e-mail to all 32,000 or so students, urging them to fill the student section this week and the rest of the season.  In case you didn’t get the e-mail:

Dear UWM Students,

Thanks in part to the truly electric atmosphere you helped create at our men’s basketball game on Saturday night, our Milwaukee Panthers nearly upset Marquette. On behalf of our teams, we want to thank you for demonstrating the strength of our teams’ sixth man (and woman): our student fans.

We want to maintain that supportive environment throughout the season, and ask that you and your friends come out to cheer for our teams again this week. There are four opportunities:

*Wednesday, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m. the women play in the Klotsche Center

*Thursday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. the men play in the U.S. Cellular Arena

*Saturday, Dec. 4, at 2 p.m. the women play in the Klotsche Center (Pounce the Panther Bobblehead Giveaway)

*Saturday, Dec. 4, at 7 p.m. the men play in the U.S. Cellular Arena (Pounce the Panther Bobblehead Giveaway)

Students get free admission to every game. All you have to do is show your student ID.

Along with our players, we look forward to seeing you this week and throughout the season.

Go Panthers!

This is just as the title says: it’s a great first step.  With this e-mail, our marketing reached into the inbox of 32,000 students instantly.  It was a couple days before the first men’s basketball game of the week, so there’s enough time for those students who do want to go to the game to make plans to do so.  For those who don’t want to go, at least they don’t have the excuse that they weren’t notified.

From now on, I’d like to see the games publicized every week through the all-students e-mail.  This is not flooding their inbox; we could put one out the day before EVERY game, and that would be too much.  By getting in the students’ inbox every week, you keep them in the know without pushing too hard in one area.  You’d be surprised how many of them complain that they just don’t know when the games are. Say goodbye to that problem.

Although, as I put in last week, I’d like to see a video with coach Jeter and/or chancellor Lovell put in the e-mail.  Videos have a greater impact than words.

We’ll see tomorrow night how effective the e-mail was.

Go Panthers!


  1. thomas reading

    December 1, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    why do you only talk about the guys basketball team? what about the girls? that is on campus are dominating teams right now, came within a few possessions of beating #9 oklahoma. im just sayin support all teams.

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