The Interview: Todd Brown

Sunday night, the Wright State Raiders seemed to be missing something as they lost to Indiana.  It wasn’t just N’Gai Evans, who was out with an injury (we hope he comes back soon to rail non-conference opponents); the WSU backcourt also was missing Todd Brown, the four-year do-everything star who was underappreciated by much of the conference and graduated last spring.

So what is Todd Brown up to these days?  Well, the former Raider is playing in Holland for DeFriesland Aris Leeuwarden, a pro team.  Brown has been very busy, leading the team in scoring as a rookie. caught up to Brown for a quick chat to see how life in Europe is going.

Brown's glory days at Wright State are in the rear view as he begins his professional career.

Jimmy Lemke: First off, how are you settling in Holland?

Todd Brown: Holland has been good to me.  I miss home a lot sometimes, but it’s my first year and everyone tells me its the hardest year.

JL: Is the language barrier difficult to handle?

TB: Actually, everyone can speak English. Not always that good, but they can.

JL: What would you say was the biggest difference in culture between Europe and America?

TB: The biggest difference to me is that everything is just laid back.  When you go to a store, everyone is not in a rush to get something and get out; everyone is just real chill and stores close at like 7 everyday.

JL: A lot of players take some time to get assimilated into the European pro game, but you’ve started the season very well, leading DeFriesland Aris Leeuwarden in scoring through ten games. Are you surprised that you’ve adapted so well?

TB: I just try to go out and play my game, but I think I kinda caught the league by surprise the first couple games but now teams deny me the ball a lot and put the best defender on me. But I’m still learning the game out here, I feel like a freshman all over again.

JL: Is the experience of playing in a European gym a lot different than the Nutter Center?

TB: Well it depends on who and where your playing at because we get some games that feel like college games, and then you get other games and nobody is in the gym and you have to get yourself going.

JL: The culture there is so different, you’ve got to be missing something from home. If there was one thing back here you could take with you to Holland, what would it be?

TB: If I could bring anything from home it would be my family but I doubt that could happen so I would bring my dog at least, he could keep my company.

JL: What’s the thing you miss most about Wright State?

TB: My teammates in college; you go through so much with your team we are always together so you grow into a family over time.

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