How ’bout these new unis

I got a hold of some pictures from the video shoot for our new intro video, courtesy of a friend.  I’m more interested in the new home uniforms, which are below.  What do you think?

Richard will wear #22, same as Ed McCants, Kaylan Anderson and most recently Michael Tyler.

Lonnie Boga wants YOU!

Names make a return to the back of the jerseys.

From the left: Kyle Kelm, Ryan Allen, Quinton Gustavson, Anthony Hill, Kaylon Williams, Christian Wolf, Ja'Rob McCallum, Evan Richard

Lonnie mean mugs for the camera.

Kaylon Williams with two of the guys who will rack up his assists total.

The Milwaukee logo is on the back collar.

Lots of new faces mesh with the new crowd in 2010-11. The sides of the unis include black bars down the side outlined in gold.


  1. kasey

    October 13, 2010 at 12:12 am

    loooove these new jerseys! im so excited for the season to start 🙂

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