Mascot #5: Lu Wolf

Loyola’s Lu Wolf

He looks like he could play one-on-one with the Suns Gorilla

Name (7): Lu has the distinction of being the only mascot to use the university’s name in his own name.  Of course, It would be hard to pronounce Uwgb Phoenix or Udm Titan.

In a fight (6): Lu looks very agile for an anthropomorphic wolf, but he would most certainly lose to Taylor Lautner in a battle of who can annoy opposing fans the most, which is what Lu is supposed to do, right?

Relevance (1): I’m sure many Loyola fans will argue this until they’re bLUe in the face, but the fact of the matter is a Rambler really…isn’t…anything.  If you took off Lu’s clothes (get a hold of yourself, Rowdy Raider), would you know he’s a Rambler?

Love-ability (8): The kids definitely like him.  How could you not? He’s got a big dumb smile on his face!  He looks like a canine version of Slingblade!

Style (8): Definitely love the Rambler uniform, one of my favorite in the conference.  Lu wears a throwback of sorts, and it definitely works for him.  Better uni than the one worn at WSU or UIC.

This was a very scientific study that I’ve been putting together for years.  In no way did I spend just one hour on a Monday night in August building my rankings.  Mascots are rated in five sections, and in each of those sections they can score anywhere from 1 to 10.  The points, added up in the end, set their ranking.  I was helped by high ranking members from each Horizon League university in this highly scientific process.  These should not be viewed as my own ideas but those of a collective group of non-biased, PhD-holding scholars.

The categories are: Name, In a Fight, Relevance, Love-ability and Style.  The name is self-explanatory, In a Fight is how they would fare in combat, Relevance is how they fit their institution, Love-ability is the capacity for love kids and fans have for their mascot, and Style is all about trying to dress the best (which would be Villanova’s mascot, Jay Wright).

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