Marquette escapes with tie

Thompson scored Milwaukee's lone goal.

Keara Thompson booted a goal in the 71st minute and the Milwaukee Panthers missed a hell of a chance in overtime to win, tying the Marquette Golden Eagles 1-1 at Valley Fields on Wednesday night.

Panthers goalkeeper Leslie Deebach let in one from Golden Eagles forward Ally Miller, but that was her one blemish on an otherwise perfect night in which she saved 11 shots on goal.

Milwaukee spent most of the match on the wrong side of the referee’s whistle, with two yellow cards going against the Panthers and only one against Marquette.

The Panthers missed a close one in overtime, as a shot hit the crossbar, the MU keeper’s head, the crossbar again, and bounced out.  Matt Menzl, who was calling the game for Time Warner Sports, said the replay showed a close but definite miss; the ball did not cross the plane of the goal.

Milwaukee plays again on Sunday against the Wisconsin Badgers at McClimon Soccer Complex in Madison.  The game was one originally scheduled for Engelmann Field, but ongoing renovations are putting it off.

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