Women’s soccer has rough weekend

If it weren’t bad enough that the Milwaukee Panthers found themselves playing “home” games at Valley Fields (UWM students had to pay $2 to get into the game? Whatever, Marquette), the team escaped the MKE Cup with a 0-1-1 record.

Were it not for a surprise goal by Laurel Ragalie late in the game on Friday, we might have been looking at an 0-2 weekend.  Thus is the life of a program playing a ridiculously difficult non-conference schedule.  New Mexico, they of the receiving-votes category, were the only “mid-major” opponent on the Panthers non-conference schedule.  The season-opening victory over Ohio State, though uplifting, seems far in the rear view mirror despite being just a week ago.  Milwaukee stands 1-2-1 overall with just six non-conference games remaining: Marquette, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas are on the docket, but all coach Moynihan is concerned with today is Michigan State, who will be visiting (near) campus on Sunday; the game will be at Shorewood High School.

What’s worse for Milwaukee is that they once again are playing well for long stretches and still couldn’t come up with the victory.

“One of the good things about playing a tough schedule is you have a shot at redemption right around the corner,”  coach Moynihan said following the match-up.  In fact, he said a lot of things.  And it’s better to get them from him:

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