The Name Issue

The "UW-" is invisible, but according to the MJS, it's there.

Clicking on JSOnline’s blog post about Wisconsin’s basketball schedule.  Scanning for our game, I was met with the name I always expected from the media: UW-Milwaukee.

Going down to the comments section to vent, I found that my brethren had already jumped on the MJS for this indignity they repeat over and over.  Of course, everyone is doing it, right?  Wisconsin put us as UW-Milwaukee, right?

If you really want to know who put UW-Milwaukee on the schedule, just take a look at  On their schedule, it reads Milwaukee.

The university’s athletic department prefers Milwaukee.  Marquette, Wisconsin, and other athletic departments refer to them as Milwaukee.  ESPN and most national media outlets refer to the program as Milwaukee.  The days where this team was unknown as Wisconsin-Milwaukee are in the past.

The fact of the matter is, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and local television stations call them UW-Milwaukee because the MJS chooses to and local TV follows their lead.

Of course, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel knows a lot about branding.  I once was told by a JS editor that I was wrong in referring to the paper as the Journal.  Well, I grew up with the Journal delivered to my house; what’s the difference?  Name branding is a real issue that companies all over the world deal with.  Milwaukee Panthers athletics is just trying to make that work with a name that is indicative of the program and the university: Milwaukee.

KJ and Tim weren't with the program long, but this Journal Sentinel picture missed the "UW-" on the uniforms.

What is the Journal Sentinel excuse?  That the school is UW-Milwaukee?  Call the Badgers UW-Madison.  Call them UNC-Chapel Hill, UT-Austin, and UA-Tuscaloosa.  If you call them Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas, and Alabama, you MUST call the Panthers ‘Milwaukee.’

If the excuse is that they call them UW-Milwaukee to avoid confusion, who would be confused?  Does someone really think the Badgers would be playing the Bucks?  Or when they play Green Bay, they’ll be playing the Packers?  Get real.

It’s high time the Journal Sentinel got with the times and started referring to Milwaukee by the name that they chose to put on the court of the U.S. Cellular Arena and across their uniforms.

Edit: Pasted twice.  Thanks to Korry Bertram for pointing it out!


  1. bks

    August 29, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    They will always be UWM to me.

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