The Interview: Lonnie Boga

Boga will have to shoulder more of the load in Franklin's absence. Photo credit: Benny Sieu, JSOnline.

While the coaches are hot on the recruiting trail, most of the players are on campus practicing and going to class. I caught up with Lonnie Boga, sophomore guard and owner of the nickname Waka Flocka Flame or Milli (with Ja’Rob McCallum as Vanilli), depending on what mood Klotsche Krazie Travis Wacker is in.

Jimmy Lemke: How’s the summer going? Taking any classes?

Lonnie Boga: The summer is going good.  Still getting used to being a sophomore, but it’s all good. I’m taking English this month and I took history in the first session in June.

JL: That last game, with Butler, was close until about a minute left. Is that the game you’re looking forward to the most, or which one is most important to you?

LB: I’m really looking forward to the first game of the season, just to see where the team is at. That last game [at Butler] is so far behind us now.

JL: Last year, between yourself, Ja’Rob, Ricky [Franklin], and Jerry [Ajami], the two guard spots got spread between four players. You lose Ricky, but gain Kaylon Williams at point guard. Do you think your role will change now that the team has a true point guard?

LB: I think my role will be the same.  Rebound, play tough defense, score but I have to give more because Rick is gone.  Instead of the spurts I had, I have to have complete games the whole year.

JL: Excited for the Italy trip? What do you wanna do there besides play basketball?

LB: I’m very excited for the Italy trip.  I’m just excited to have the opportunity, I’m really anxious to travel the cities and have fun with the team while playing ball.

JL: Your brother Shaq is being recruited by our coaching staff. What would you think about playing with your brother again?

LB: On the court, he’s not my brother, he’s my team mate.  Off the court, I’m harder on him than anybody. But subconsciously I’m going to be happy and proud if I get the chance to play with him again.

JL: What’s the chances your brother brings a state title to McCluer?

LB: It’s a good chance. He’ll be experienced and he has the pieces around him to get the job done.

JL: What part of your sophomore year are you looking forward to?

LB: I’m really looking forward for a chance to play for anything important and winning.  I want to play in the “big game” and win it.  Whether it’s the Horizon League tourney or the NCAA tourney I want to play for something big and win.

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