Roster Unveiled

Roberts will not return in 2010-11

As of July 22nd, 2010, the Milwaukee Athletic department put out the men’s basketball roster for the upcoming year, and there are two conspicuous absentees: Deonte Roberts and Leek Leek.

Roberts, who would have been a senior this season, has apparently left the program. ¬†Calls to the coaches’ offices were not answered Friday afternoon.

Leek was rumored to be academically ineligible, as is the case with many foreign players.  Indications are that Leek will enter a junior college or prep school, and could join the Panthers in a future year.

This comes at a time when Kaylon Williams, Evan Richard, and Ryan Allen are coming into the program, court time was looking slim for Roberts, who ended last season on the bench because of academic problems.

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